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When Insurance in Blackjack Is a Good Idea

Insurance is a tricky subject when it comes to playing online casino games or even table games at a brick and mortar casino. Players in the industry are of varying stances on the subject and some players opt to take insurance whenever possible, while others do not take insurance at all while playing. Still others are very selective when they take insurance and ideally, this is how one should play.

For instance, when playing blackjack at casinos, some occasion will see the dealer pulling an Ace when you are holding a hand of blackjack. In this case, most players would opt for insurance or also for even money as it is quite likely that the either will win, unless the dealer himself or herself gets a hand of blackjack. Resorting to insurance is one of the most common reactions of players when they are faced with a dealer holding an Ace. However, players must realize that the likelihood of the dealer getting a hand of blackjack when you are holding a blackjack hand is quite low as the probability of securing a ten point card is lessened to 31%. In fact, it is quite likely that the dealer does not have a hand of blackjack.

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