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Players Caught Cheating At Blackjack in Ohio

Blackjack is a highly competitive game and on account of the large prizes that most casinos and gaming places offer, many blackjack players are tempted to cheat or count cards and change the odds in their favor. One of the more recent incidents involved ten people cheating at the newly opened Hollywood Casino in Columbus.
So far, the casino has been open only over a month and already ten people stand accused of cheating and are facing felony charges. Some of the other games that players tried to cheat at in addition to blackjack were craps, roulette, and baccarat. The players tried to cap and pinch their bets which mean that they tried to take away or add some chips to their betting pile after the game began.

According to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, one player ignored the warnings, “It was kind of like, well, ‘So what? I’m entitled to cheat to try to beat the game…Whether it’s marbles when you’re 7 years old or whether it’s on the sports field in high school, everybody knows that cheating’s wrong…People shouldn’t have any kind of attitude that cheating’s OK merely because it’s at a casino.”

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