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Vice Admiral Tim Giardina Suspended for Illegal Gambling

Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, the second most significant personality in the nuclear program of the United States, has been suspended for not only gambling, but also using fake chips at an Iowa-based casino.

Reportedly, the vice admiral forgot his table manners while playing blackjack at the Horseshoe Casino, which is located at Council Bluffs in Iowa. Allegedly, he used counterfeit chips worth several dollars. The case becomes all the more interesting considering the fact that the vice admiral had an important role to play in the launching of a nuclear warhead.

However, major US personalities have been involved in gambling scandals from time to time. Recently, Senator John McCain was caught red-handed playing poker on his mobile phone during a congress hearing on the Syria issue. Fortunately for the Senator, he was playing for fun otherwise he might have gotten into serious trouble considering the fact that playing real money mobile poker outside Nevada is illegal.

Tim Giardina now stands guilty of a Class D Felony, according to Iowa’s gambling laws. Although he was suspended on September 3, news of his suspension leaked out only on September 28. The investigative team has not revealed too many details regarding this case, but says that the investigation is continuing.


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