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Graton Resort to Recruit 2000 Blackjack Dealers

There are several alternatives to an expensive college education. Those who cannot afford it can study at online universities, community colleges, or trade schools. Alternatively, they can also join the military. Those who want to learn a skill absolutely free can learn how to become a dealer at Graton Resort and Casino, which will be launched on Nov 5.

The person in charge of the blackjack dealer course is Joe Hasson, general manager and vice president for Graton Resort and Casino located in California. He has created a campus that includes a large room equipped with several gaming tables. He says that the casino will require at least 2000 trained dealers by the time it becomes 100 percent operational.

Further speaking about the course, he said that Station Casinos gives a diploma to every trained dealer. The course is absolutely free of charge, and those who have a Station Casinos diploma stand a better chance of getting blackjack dealer jobs at any casino. Those interested in joining the course need to be at least 21 years old.

Most people who opt to take this course are mature adults although there are a few 21-year-old students too. Even those who have never played blackjack or baccarat are free to join.


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