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SCC Offers Blackjack Dealing Courses for Harrah’s

The Southwestern Community College (SCC) Swain Center offers a blackjack dealing course that is attracting students from all ages and walks of life. According to SCC’s Occupational Training Director Scott Sutton, the trained blackjack dealers will then be hired by Harrah’s and not only be refunded their $180 tuition fee, but will also be rewarded with a bonus of $1000. The course lasts 7 weeks.

SCC has been offering table games courses from last fall, and another course taught by the staff at Harrah’s Casino is scheduled to begin on Oct 7. Sutton said that there are plenty of opportunities for people who are looking out for them, adding that students will get the best possible training from casino instructors.

Harrah’s plans to appoint 150 trained blackjack dealers in Cherokee and 800 more in the new casino it plans to launch in Murphy in 2015. Vacancies are also available in Harrah’s food and beverages department; and according to Sharon Owle, recruiter for Harrah’s food and beverages department, said that they are looking for 28 trained workers.

Doris Johnson, who is a casino employment manager, said that Harrah’s can recruit as many as 200 people right away.

Those interested in taking a blackjack course can contact SCC at 828-339-4426.

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