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Surrender – A Valuable Blackjack Tool

All casinos in Pennsylvania allow players to surrender their bets if they feel that playing their hands out is a futile exercise. Surrender is an excellent tool for blackjack players who know exactly how and when to use the option. Unfortunately, a large number of players either ignore it or use it when not required.

Surrender is a valuable blackjack tool because very few non Pennsylvanian casinos offer it, and even if they do offer it, they hardly advertise it. Blackjack players, who are aware of the value of surrender, have to inquire if the casino offers the option to surrender.

Players who choose to surrender forfeit half their bet instead of standing or hitting. Whenever players announce that they have surrendered, the dealer takes their chips, counts them, and returns half of them.

Blackjack players can surrender only on their first two cards. There are two types of surrender options—later surrender, in which players can surrender after the dealer checks for blackjack and early surrender, in which players can surrender before the dealer checks for blackjack.

Basic blackjack strategy tells players exactly when and how they have to surrender in order to get the most of their blackjack gaming experience.

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