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Tips on Blackjack and House Edge

Blackjack players have to use strategy and mathematical calculations to make good calls when placing bets and making calls in the game. However, some players face difficulties when dealing with house edge. Players must keep in mind that the game of blackjack is very different from all other casino games and as a result, the house edge is very different as you keep playing.

According to John Grochowski, a blackjack writer the difference is that with other games every time you play a game it is an individual trial while blackjack is different. “I think I’m quoting you correctly that you say the house edge is the same on every play in every game. What’s already happened doesn’t affect what’s going to happen, right? So then why should raising and lowering your bets like blackjack card counters do make any difference?” he said.

He explained that the reason behind this was the many hands between each shuffle. “The cards already played do have an effect on future outcomes, and it can be said that the cards DO have a memory. If an Ace has been dealt, that’s one fewer Ace that’s available as a component of the two-card 21s that pay players 3-2 — or, in bad games, 6-5,” he said.

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