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Online Blackjack Inventor Sues 12 Companies For Patent Infringement

Sheldon Goldberg, one of the original innovators of online blackjack tournaments, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against several US media companies.

Sheldon Goldberg is a retired attorney and he has filed a lawsuit against twelve big US media companies claiming patent infringement by their use of his 1996 and 2000 patent that includes Targeted Online Advertising. Targeted Online Advertising concerns with advertising and displaying content relevant to the user’s browsing habits and this makes it easier to get customers.

Several media companies such as Advance Publications, Scripps Interactive, Demand Media, Viacom, CNET, The Washington Post, ALM Media,, Tribune Interactive, American Media, Rodale, and Village Voice Media are involved in this lawsuit.

So far, Sheldon Goldberg’s list of lawsuits also includes an out of court settlement with Google and The New York Times. Although, it is a case of one versus many, it would be unwise to strike off Sheldon Goldberg as one of those people who are rich and eccentric – as he just might win.

Sheldon Goldberg is one of the top blackjack players of his patented online blackjack tournaments as well. And it is always good to watch out for someone who knows the best strategies of blackjack and has a keen sense of timing. Hence, US media companies should stay on alert.

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