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Best Blackjack Casino Hotels in the World

Blackjack players are known to be extremely astute, greatly qualified and challenging hotel casino guests. Hence, casinos like the Hilton Warsaw, Petana Casino, Iberostar Dominicana and the Bellagio try to provide special facilities and better games to cater to them.

Initially, casino management only needed to provide a gaming table, drinks, snacks, cards decks and dealers to attract a good sized blackjack audience. Today, to be blackjack player friendly, the casino and hotel needs to be located in a right place and should have all the services that a normal hotel can provide.

Globally speaking, a predominant number of hotels like the Dorint Maison, Hotel de Paris, Ibiza Gran, Palace Luzern and Casino Loutarki bear a floor that is exclusive for casino games like blackjack; most of which have at least one blackjack table. Some of the best blackjack packages can be found in places were gambling is popular like Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore and also in Ibiza, Luzern and Warsaw.

These blackjack hotels are marketed in magazines and on television where blackjack players get to enjoy blackjack games and a gamut of other relaxation facilities. These casinos are complete sellouts with Michelin starred restaurants, cultural exhibitions, art displays, spas, beauty clinics and music shows by reputed artists. All these come as a package for blackjack players who can play both high stakes blackjack tourneys and progressive blackjack games.

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