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Blackjack Players Becoming Aware of the Advantage Of Splitting Hands

Blackjack players need to be aware of the importance of splitting their hand when at the table. One of the best moves to make in Blackjack is to split aces and 8s. The Splitting rule allows the player to play both hands individually; for instance, when a player ends up with two aces the best thing to do is to split them. There are quite a few good reasons to do so, and one of them is that there are more ten value cards in the deck than any others and it is also good for a player to have a total of 11 instead of 12, and splitting aces gives the player two 11s.

After incorporating ties into the game splitting a hand gives a player 60% chance of winning with each individual hand – which is just 40% chance of loss. Even if the dealer plays a higher card, it will make not much of a difference to the odds of winning. If the dealer has a 6, then the player gets a 67% chance to win. If the dealer has a face card, the odds of winning are still 54% for the player with split hands.

And hence, it is important to rely on strategies and probabilities when it comes to a game like blackjack. Counting cards is not the only way to win. Players who are good at math probabilities and can figure out their own odds will also do well with this game.

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