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Malaysian Police Want to Cut Power from Blackjack Casinos

The blackjack casinos in Malaysia may soon have to face power problems as authorities in the country are gearing up to take action against them.

The illegal casinos currently operating in Malaysia seem to be a big problem to authorities, who are eager to shut them down. In an effort to close down these casinos, police authorities in Malaysia have sought the assistance of Tenaga Nasional Berghad, the country’s largest power supplier. Police officials are seeking to have Tenaga Nasional Berghad turn off the power to 17 illegal casinos. However, the power supply company has not yet complied with this request, and it is believed that discussions are currently underway as to how to tackle the problem.

The main problem area is Kluang, a province in the region of Johor in Malaysia. The police in Malaysia have been conducting many raids in February and have been hard at work trying to curb illegal gambling. So far more than 25 raids have been conducted which has resulted in the seizure of 300 and more computers and 36 arrests.

According to district police Chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Majid, “We will continually monitor the situation as this immoral activity leads to social ills, including illegal money lending and family problems.”

This blog entry was posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 at 10:10 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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