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Blackjack Card Counting Documentary “Holy Rollers” Doing the Rounds

A blackjack documentary based on card counting is doing the rounds among the community and is picking up a lot of interest. Titled “Holy Rollers,” the documentary centers around a team of professional blackjack players whose specialty is card counting. The fact that the team also happens to be missionaries, makes the term Holy Rollers is an apt one.

The documentary is a real life film that follows the travels and blackjack adventures of the team as they move from coast to coast visiting casinos and winning at blackjack.

The players use their skills to win at the games and the documentary has been released in both DVD and VOD formats. The documentary has been brought to life by Bryan Storkel, a critically acclaimed director. The film has been described as entertaining and a “must own film” for players who love the game of blackjack.

The documentary is entertaining as it features the team wearing elaborate disguises and dodging the security at some casinos. Reportedly, the team took in as much as $100,000 a month just by playing blackjack. Allegedly, the documentary is completely real and even features recordings of the film maker following the group.

It is also expected that the documentary will generate a lot interest to members of the Christian community in America

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