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How Don Johnson Won Millions without Counting Cards At Blackjack

Blackjack master Don Johnson has won over 15 million dollars from Atlantic City casinos while playing a few blackjack games at their tables. And how did he do it? Well, not by counting cards it turns out.

While many in the blackjack industry deem card counting to be a necessary strategy if you want to win at the game, Don Johnson the man who almost cleaned out two of Atlantic City’s top casinos from the blackjack tables uses another strategy.

Johnson claims that he played blackjack fair and square and did not count cards; and while some may tend to disbelieve Johnson, the fact that the casinos themselves have checked video footage and found that he was not cheating may lend some credence to his statement.

So how does one win at blackjack using Johnson style? Firstly, you have to have experience at blackjack and posses a few years worth of gambling under your belt. You also have to know the math, and this is not card counting. Secondly, you have to get as much concessions as you can out of the casino – which is only possible if you are a high roller.

The next trick of Johnson’s is to split your Aces and 8’s and wait for the dealer to go bust.

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