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Blackjack vs. Other Casino Games in Terms of House Edge

When it comes to playing blackjack games, players often find that they stand a good chance of winning against the house or the casino as it gives them the better odds of winning. In terms of the house edge offered on various other casino ad table games, blackjack does stack up pretty well. Different casino games incur variations in the house edge available.

For instance, slot machines give players a very low edge and the casino itself stands a 10% advantage of gain in comparison to the player.

In regards to the game of roulette, players will find that the casino has a 5 percent edge over them in the possibility of winning. It is difficult to win at this game, but that is the whole point with roulette and players know what they are risking.

Craps is also another casino game that has a good house edge for players. However, this edge varies depending on how players bet. It can range from 0.5 percent to several points higher depending on the odd or even numbers and specific combo bets.

Blackjack also offers players a good edge in comparison to other games; this can range from 1 percent to 2 percent for players who know the game. What’s more, if a player knows how to count cards effectively and in an inconspicuous manner, then the player will be able to win easily.

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