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University Professor Teaches Course on Blackjack Gambling

Blackjack players may be surprised to know that they can now learn about blackjack and casino gambling within the prestigious halls of a university campus, as a professor from the University of Akron has started lecturing on the odds of winning at gambling!

Timothy Norfolk, who is the Chairman of the Mathematics Department, has been giving talks to his groups of students on calculating the odds of winning at gambling. This session is part of a series of lectures on the subject provided as a 5 day workshop. The workshop gives college students one credit and has been titled by Norfolk as the Mathematics of Casino Gambling.

Norfolk has been using the example of playing craps and has also discussed playing blackjack and the odds of winning at the game. He also expressed his views on playing casino games like blackjack for gambling purposes. “The point of it is to have people enjoy themselves without losing too much money,” he said.

Norfolk brought a craps table cover, dice and chips to demonstrate to the class of 15 how to play the game of chance. He said craps offers the best chance of winning among table games.

“That’s because the percentage the house takes of any bet is the smallest,” Norfolk said.

He also spoke of the odds of winning at blackjack games, “In blackjack, you’ve got somewhere around 40-something percent chance of a w

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