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Blackjack Player Attempts to Rob the Bellagio

The Bellagio casino in Las Vegas recently reported an attempted theft when a blackjack player attempted to rob their blackjack table and make away with several stacks of casino chips. The player was a 24 year old man named Michael Belton and he tried to run away from the casino with 23 chips worth $5000.

Belton was not alone in his actions and had come to the casino with two accomplices; it was a plan that had one man spraying the dealer with pepper spray, while the other made off with the chips. The chips were then to be cashed in by the third man, who was identified as Carlos Rodriguez, the unintelligent mind behind the scheme.

However, Belton the blackjack player hardly got far as he was tackled by 2 casino employees.

According to David Schwartz, who acts as the director of the UNLV Center for Gaming Research, it was a plan that was highly unlikely to succeed. Schwartz commented on the matter and said, “If you’re doing this with chips, you’re always going to have to get those chips back to the casino, and there’s really only one place where you can cash them in – which is a casino. So, that’s usually what prevents most of these from working.”

Perhaps, if he had taken the help of George Clooney as Ocean and his eleven, he may have been successful.

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