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Blackjack Players Unite Against PA Casinos’ Attempt to Change Odds

The blackjack community is banding together to oppose the state of Pennsylvania’s proposed casino gaming laws. Currently, Pennsylvania has to gaming measures on the tables that it plans to enforce, and players are not in favor of either of them as it will drastically swing the odds of the game in favor of the casinos. PA casinos are looking to change the odds of a standard blackjack game from a 3-to-2 payout to a 6-to-5 payout. This is a difference of more than a few dollars and although low stakes players may not see the significance of it, both casinos and high stakes players know what it means for each of them. Blackjack games with a 6-to-5 payout are considered to be sucker games, because players do not stand to win all that much and could end up losing more.

Anthony Curtis, an ex professional blackjack player raised this question: “Would customers care if a $9 movie ticket suddenly became $17? That extra $8 will eventually cause movie goers to realize they can’t afford to go to the movies as often or maybe at all.”

The coming together of blackjack players is much like the initial response of the poker community when the UIGEA was instituted. If the blackjack players stick to their guns they may just end up winning the battle for the casinos.

One very distressed player put his foot down and said, “I am a construction worker and been playing blackjack for 40 years for fun, not to become a high-roller. When you muck-up the rules, I and my buddies just won’t play, and instead just play online, or drive elsewhere.”

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