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University Arranges Low-stakes Blackjack for Parents and Students

Wright State University organized an event called Monte Carlo Night as part of Parents Weekend 2011, which was run from February 4 – 6 with the purpose of giving students and their parents a great time. An entrance fee of $5 was charged for the same.

The event comprised fun games such as blackjack, roulette, and Texas Hold’em. A special game called “Know Your Raider” was run to find out how well participants knew one another. Parents and students were not required to gambling at the low-stakes table, and many of them chose to relax, partake of light meals, and enjoy a few drinks.

Monte Carlo Night turned out to be a unique experience for participants, volunteers, as well as the organizers. Chardonay Brown, the community councilor for the biological sciences premed sophomore and honors dorms, delighted everybody by learning blackjack strategies in no time. Daniel Rhodes, the vice president of the junior Spanish major and the RCA, felt that the event was a great success considering the fact that participants were waiting for their turn to try out their luck at the blackjack tables.

Participants were also challenged to win a chance to breakfast with President David Hopkins and purchase basketball tickets at discounted rates.

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