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Visionary iGaming Introduces Blackjack Early Payout Game

Visionary iGaming, a provider of online gaming solutions recently announced the launch of yet another brand new blackjack games that it has trademarked under the name Blackjack Early Payout. This is a live casino game that follows the launch of the Classic 7 seat blackjack game.

Blackjack Early Payout is a simple game that will be featured at the International Casino Exhibition in London, England. In this game, players will not have to worry about using complicated blackjack strategy or mathematical calculations. Players will have simple game play and will only have to choose from Next Play or Early Payout. The early payout feature is calculated automatically throughout the game and players get the option of accepting a house edge payout instead of taking the game till the end. As per the early payout, the Blackjack Early Payout game gives the casino a small cut so it can maintain profits.

Visionary iGaming will also be presenting many other live games at the exhibition in addition to Blackjack Early Payout. Martin Reiner, the CEO of Visionary iGaming “This is our 3rd year exhibiting at ICE and by far the most exciting show of the year due to its size and global reach. This year will be especially interesting because live online casino games are probably the single biggest area of interest from established gaming operators at this time; if they don’t already have a solution in place, we know they are looking for one.”

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