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Brawl Takes Place At Blackjack Casino in Bismarck

Blackjack tables at land based casinos seem to be becoming more dangerous by the day, with attempted robberies taking place at the Bellagio and parents leaving their children unattended in cars in order to have a few rounds of blackjack.

One of the most recent episodes of Blackjack trouble took place at a brick and mortar casino based in Bismarck casino while players were seated at a blackjack table.

The trouble began when a blackjack player refused to put out his cigarette and began to smoke in a public place of the blackjack table. The other players, blackjack dealer and casino officials politely asked the man to put out his cigarette. However, as the player was in an inebriated state, he refused to put it out and began to make a scene by insulting those present and demanding the casino call the police. The player insulted the blackjack dealer, who in turn gave him back his chips and asked him to cash in and leave the table.

In a sudden splurge of anger, the blackjack player threw the chips at the dealer and then grabbed chips from the main stack on the table and disrupted the whole set up. After this, a fight broke out where several people were injured and more than a dozen participated in the brawl.

This blog entry was posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 4:31 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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