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Blackjack not profitable for casinos?

An informative article was written in the Naperville Sun that talks about how casinos keep beatable games at the casinos because it is important for players to know that there are games that casino players can beat. It gives them a sense of hope even if they themselves don’t have the necessary skills to beat the game. The article mentions that when people became aware that people were beating blackjack it soon became the most popular table game passing craps

It talks about the current trend of many casinos who are changing blackjack to make it harder to beat. They are paying out 6-5 for blackjacks when they used to pay out 3-2. Also using shuffling machines that make it near impossible for card counters to count cards. Now with casinos changing the rules it may become less attractive to casino players knowing that the recent changes hurt their chances of beating the casino.

If casinos really want to make the most money they would take out the rule changes and shuffling techniques and let some players beat the house. The reason behind this would be that the game would rise in popularity with many amateur players flocking to the tables to “try” to beat the house. Many will be un-successful and that is where the casinos will once again cash in on blackjack.

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