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Casino Games House Edge

An article at Forbes online evaluates the best casino games to play if you are looking to beat the house. Though, in the first paragraph they mention that the house has an advantage at every game, but there are casino games with better odds then others. If you only bet one time while playing blackjack then the game has 50/50 odds. The longer a casino player plays blackjack the better the chance the casino will eventually win. When an unskilled blackjack player plays, the casino has a 2% house edge on them. That is $20 dollars per thousand.

Casino Games House Edge
Blackjack 2%
Wheel of Fortune 11%
craps 1.4%.
roulette 5.6%.

In 2006, 56 million people visited a casino. Non-Indian casinos had $32 billion dollars in gambling revenue . The revenue is actually much more then this because this number does not take into account the hotel and restaurant revenue in 2006.

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