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Blackjack in Pennsylvania Casinos?

A lawmaker is currently introducing legislation that would allow Blackjack and Roulette in Pennsylvania state owned casinos. The legislation is sponsored by House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese. In Pennsylvanian, there are currently 14 casinos that are allowed to offer slot machines but under the current law they cannot offer anything else. The legislation is far from being passed, it has to go through a conservative General Assembly and Gov. Rendell who both have not shown that they are in favor of the bill. Many believe that it may be passed in years to come when the state becomes hungry for more state dollars.

Pennsylvania has estimated that they will produce $1 billion dollars of tax relief dollars from current casinos. This number is believed to go up significantly if the state introduced table games including blackjack. With $28 dollars of every $100 gambled at tables games going to the state and local governments.

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