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Blackjack Champ Discusses Minimizing Loss by Splitting Eights

The worst thing that can happen to a player at the blackjack tables is to land up with a pair of eights. Although most blackjack experts and blackjack strategy charts advise players to split a pair of eights, it can still be the worst thing a player can do, especially if the dealer has a high-value card such as ace, ten, or nine.

One of the greatest advantages of playing online blackjack is that players can receive quick analyses of their gaming situation and hands. According to these analyses, if players get an eight pair and if the dealer has a high-value card, there is a chance of players losing slightly over 50 percent of every bet placed on that hand.

If players split their eights and double their initial wager amounts, they will be playing two hands simultaneously. This will minimize their losses to slightly below 45 percent of every bet they place. The only logic behind splitting a pair of eights, therefore, is to minimize losses, not maximize gains. Players who split their eight pairs will be losing lesser than they would if they did not split.

The golden rule of splitting is that it should be done only to maximize winnings or minimize losses.

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