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How Card Counting Is Used At Blackjack Card Games

Blackjack games vary based on the version being played and different online casinos host a variety of blackjack games with many betting limits and table buy-ins. Blackjack strategies also vary for the different versions of online blackjack that players come across. Another thing that varies is cheating strategies for these different versions of online blackjack games, and while other methods are often used, the one that has been made popular by the movie 21 is called card counting.

Card counting at Blackjack card games is something that top players consider easy, as long as they are fast and can calculate well, and hence some are tempted to cheat. Card Counting is an art, it can give you an edge over the dealer but it should not be misused. Nowadays, casinos specifically look for such players who perform card counting. Card counting works both ways, and hence the smallest of mistakes can destroy all the hard work that went in during the game, and hence players are advised to learn blackjack strategies and apply them, instead of trying to beat the system by cheating.

Card Counting is not technically cheating, and different casinos have different rules about the same. Also, if a player loses the count then he or she is down in the game and the losses are heavy. Players are better of using basic blackjack strategy instead of card counting if they really want to play blackjack. You are not able to count cards when playing online blackjack because cards are virtually shuffled every hand.

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