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Blackjack Player Wins $15.1 Million and Baffles Casinos

Don Johnson is the name most blackjack casinos have now come to fear. This is because Johnson is a blackjack player who has won $15.1 million bringing down several casino houses. In fact, many casinos have now started politely refusing to let him play.

Don Johnson managed to beat three of the top casinos in Atlantic City at their blackjack tables and he says it was probably luck favoring him. Don Johnson confirmed his identity to the Atlantic Press as being the one who has been giving the casino industry a hard time for the past six months. In December at Caesars Atlantic City, Don cleared out $4.23 million, after which he moved on to win around $998,000 at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

Later he also cashed out $1.8 million in the next four months and then won $2.25 million in April over two nights in a row. His recent record win involves that of $5.8 million in a twelve-hour spree at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in April, which made them decide to replace one of their lead casino executives.

Don Johnson’s identity was later confirmed by several casino officials and in total he has bagged $15.1 million in winnings. Don says he has had a few losses along the way and he says most people lose because they do not have the bankroll to play, and he does.

Since casinos have started refusing to allow Don Johnson to play, he says it does not disappoint him since he can always move onto horseracing, which is part of his profession.

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