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The Rise In Online Gambling Could Increase Already Impressive Facebook Numbers

During the recently held Gaming Developers Conference, the social networking website, Facebook revealed some startling figures about the online gaming scene. It is widely known that a large number of Facebook users, visit the website to play their favorite online games. However, the startling facts were caused when the numbers revealed the average amount of time being spent on these games.

States reveal that over 20% of Facebook users, login and play games on a daily basis which means that over 250 million people are playing games on Facebook, which is the equivalent of the entire adult population of the USA, who in turn play around once a month.

Facebook has a huge variety of games available to suit the different tastes of its global users. Over 100 developers have exceeded the one million mark in terms of revenue generated and over 200 games have surpassed the one million mark again in terms of revenue. There are a number of online casino games available as well.

Since Facebook requires most of the games to be installed as standalone apps, this means most of these games can be downloaded to a smartphone and access at just about anytime, which further increases the chances of revenue. Hence, Facebook is all set to further increase the online gaming revenue as it continues to innovate and grow its overall global user database.

This blog entry was posted on Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 6:59 pm and is filed under Casino News.

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