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Nevada Lawmakers Will Consider Revisions to Online Gaming Legislation Next Month

The entire world has been waiting for a federal bill that would regulate online gaming in the United States. They have grown increasingly frustrated with the fact that federal lawmakers have not been able to pass a bill since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was first passed.

Nevada has already passed its own online gaming bill that allows citizens to play intrastate poker. However, some experts fear that the player pools aren’t large enough for gaming providers to make sustainable streams of revenue through online gaming. Nevada gaming providers may need a federal bill that is going to allow them to market their online poker services to citizens in other states. The Nevada gaming industry is watching developments in Washington more intently than anyone else.

In addition to a federal bill, Nevada lawmakers are going to need their own legislation that will own legislation that will allow them to form compacts with other states. They realize that they can’t wait for their colleagues in Washington to pass a bill that will regulate the industry. Several congressmen in the Silver State are discussing a new bill that would allow them to sell their services across state lines when a federal bill is finally passed.
Assembly Bill 5 is scheduled to go before the state Congress next month. State lawmakers realize that this bill will need to be a priority, because they want to have a system in place if the federal government passes its own bill that allows casinos to offer their services across state lines. The bill will need the support of Gov. Sandoval. The governor’s office has still not confirmed whether or not he intends to support Assembly Bill 5.


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