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Blackjack On Plane Flights Faces Legal Barrier

There was much excitement over the possibility of having a casino based blackjack table on an in-flight casino. Passengers saw it as an opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves on fourteen hour flights, while airlines saw it as a means of profit and of course raising their brand value.

Although there are two designers, Jean-Pierre Alfano of AirJet Designs and Frédérique Houssard, from Designescence, who are currently working on designing an in-flight casino lounge that will cater to luxury travelers. Both designers hope that the Casino Jet Lounge will soon become a feature on long haul commercial flights with a fashionable bar area and a blackjack table.

According to Frédérique Houssard, from Designescence, “We’re trying to bring back the glamor of the ’50s and ’60s a little bit; the kind you see in the James Bond movies.”

However, while airlines are more than willing to experiment with this, the laws in the US do not allow gambling in their airspace and as of now, this project is on hold. There are several ideas coming out as to how to circumnavigate these laws but so far nothing has taken off the ground.


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