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National Association of Convenience Stores Supports Reid Poker Bill

The National Association of Convenience Stores is calling on all of its members to show support for the online poker bill authored by Senators Reid and Kyl. Most other organizations are supporting the bill because it would create a framework that would legalize online poker in the United States. However, the NACS has a different motivation.

The organization is asking its members to support the bill because it would make it illegal to sell lottery tickets over the Internet. They feel that this bill could be essential for protecting the profitability of convenience stores throughout the country.

The Department of Justice’s new interpretation of the Wire Act allows states to create laws that allow lottery tickets to be sold over the Internet. The NACS said that convenience stores count on lottery tickets to drive customers to their stores. A high percentage of sales on other products come from customers who originally visited the store with the intention of purchasing lottery tickets.

The NACS acknowledges that federal regulation of Internet gambling is essential to protecting Americans from unscrupulous gaming sites that have been setup overseas. However, they also believe that some prohibitions on online gambling are necessary to protect consumers as well. Representatives from the NACS said that allowing customers to purchase lottery tickets over the Internet places minors at risk.

They said that they can prevent minors from participating in the lottery by asking for identification in their stores. Online gaming sites will also be required to authenticate the age and identity of their players, but the NACS questions the effectiveness of those verification systems.

The organization hopes that it can encourage lawmakers to support Reid and Kyl’s bill. However, many state lawmakers are opposed to the idea, because they feel that online lottery sales can help them generate enough revenue to shrink their deficits and expand education and other state-run programs.

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