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Blackjack Player Uses Baggage Claim Belt Tip to Win €10k

Peggy S. of Colorado won €10,000 after using a tip she got from the baggage claim belt at the Venice Airport.

The baggage claim belt at the Venice Airport promotes Casino Di Venezia, the local casino. Peggy S. told local reporters that she had told her husband John that she would play the very numbers her suitcases would land on, adding that her husband guessed that the suitcases would land on numbers 14 and 27 and they did land on the same numbers.

Since the couple felt that the numbers 14 and 27 were lucky for them, they decided to place a €100 bet on 27 at Casino Di Venezia and, surprisingly, the ball landed on the same number.

Admitting that none of them was a great gambler, Peggy said that she had played a bit of blackjack and charity bingo. She said that she wanted to bet all her chips on 14, but her husband warned her to stake only €200. Surprisingly, the ball landed on the same number and she was mad at her husband for not allowing her to place all her chips on 14.

The winner says that her winnings almost covered their vacation cost.

This blog entry was posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 7:34 pm and is filed under Casino News.

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