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Hungary Bans Slot Machine Games Outside State-owned Casinos

Hungary banned all slot machines that were operated outside its three state-owned casinos. The government passed this law a day after announcing that it wanted to protect poor and underprivileged Hungarians from gambling-related problems.

A gambling bill draft was submitted to the Parliament, but the commission had to rewrite it because of its poor quality. The proposal was almost unanimously voted into law on the morning of Tuesday, possibly breaking the world law-making record.

Slot machine operators are now required to return their licenses in 15 days. Meanwhile, the gambling industry in Hungary is worried about the new law as it feels that banning slot machines will force people into gambling illegally. Besides, around 10,000 people will lose their jobs because of this new law.

The new law also applies to promotions. Companies that offer prizes in the form of promotional games will now have to pay heavy taxes. The law prevents the people of Hungary from wagering real money on casino games such as poker and blackjack at offshore online gambling sites. Operators are not permitted to operate online casinos in Hungary.

The only options left for Hungarian players are lottery games and bingo games. They can also bet on sports at state-owned betting shops.

This blog entry was posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 7:14 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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