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Win At Blackjack By Learning The ABC’s and D Of Blackjack

John McWhinnie, a resident of Britannia who has been playing blackjack for more than forty years decided that he is tired of watching people lose thousands of dollars in the game. As a result he made up his mind to write a book about the dynamics of blackjack; he titled his book “The ABC’s and D Of Blackjack.” This book does not talk about winning the game but about enjoying the game.

John McWhinnie claims that blackjack is the only game that gives players an edge to win, if they have done their homework and have the required control and discipline.

The book: “The ABC’s and D Of Blackjack” talks about blackjack in four sections A, B, C and D.

A is for Attitude, and John McWhinnie’s advice is not to play the game with the attitude of breaking the bank but of being relaxed even if you should lose a little money.

B is for Bankroll, and the author states that blackjack players should play at lower-stakes tables if they are bringing less money, and not try to play at the bigger tables and lose it all in one time.

C is for consistency for increasing bets on losing and raising bets while winning, while D is for discipline. According to John McWhinnie, having discipline is to have a plan before starting a game at the blackjack table. This book is meant for blackjack players who want to win by knowing the dynamics of the game.

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