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The Academy of Country Music Awards was held in Las Vegas last week and saw several country music stars discuss their blackjack gaming habits. A reporter for CMT for the event, Alison Bonaguro requested the country music stars to share some of their gambling strategies since they were in Las Vegas.

The stars had unusual but interesting answers to the question. Singer and Songwriter John Rich claimed that his strategy was to leave the table when the play was up and immediately spend the winnings. His reason was to use the winnings to avoid spending it at the casino again. According to John Rich, his winnings paid for his $40k Ford pickup.

Musician Jake Owen was quick to admit his love for blackjack and just like John Rich he too advised players to walk away when they are doing well. He claimed that his goal was to come out with more money than what he had invested – even if it was a couple of dollars more. This, he believes ensures the fun part of the game stays alive.

Singer and Songwriter Justin Moore also revealed a strong a passion for playing blackjack and gambling. He admits to have been picked up by his wife during a game when he was up at $2000.

Singer and Songwriter Josh Kelley admitted that he liked blackjack but was held back by his wife who keeps it within the limit for him. Kelley played at the tables that week and had even won a good amount.

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