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The Truth behind Card Counting

A popular card counting myth is that it requires complex math. Blackjack players who do not understand the game’s strategies feel that card counting is for math geniuses. There are some who also believe that it is against the law. The truth is that card counting is not illegal, but casinos do not like it for obvious reasons and retain the right to show the door to a card counter.

A little bit of mathematical reasoning is required to become a successful card counter, but card counters need not be math geniuses. Card counters, however, do require a talent for keeping track of the cards that have already been dealt from the shoe so that they can predict fairly accurately what cards will be dealt next.

Card counting only requires basic addition and subtraction skills along with the concentration to subtract or add numbers from running totals, which can be defined as the number of cards counted so far. This helps card counters predict what cards will be dealt next. Since most blackjack games have six decks, card counting has to be done for a long time before the total makes any sense.

Contrary to popular beliefs, card counting helps players win, but does not guarantee a win.

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