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Best Strategy for Blackjack Tournament Players

Players who are taking part in a blackjack tournament must remember that they are playing against one dealer. In this case, several players will end up getting the same results. However, if the dealer gets blackjack, all the players in the tournament will lose the game.

The best blackjack tournament strategy is to play not just against the dealer, but also against the other players at the table. Each hand should be played as well as possible and pains should be taken to see that one’s hand is better than the opponents’. If a player bets and plays his/her hand differently from the other players in the tournament, he/she stands to benefit a lot.

Mark Pilarski, a blackjack tournament player who works as a contributing editor for several gaming magazines, has the following experience to share. There were only three players left standing, and Pilarski bet everything except a chip worth $5 on the last hand. The other players bet all their chips and lost the game when the dealer got blackjack. But Pilarski still remained in the game because he had retained one red chip. Since he had decided to adopt a different gaming style, he could win the tournament.



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