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ShaqJack Blackjack Variant Goes Live

Retired NBA basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal has announced that he has teamed up with Dynamic Gaming Solutions to create ShaqJack, a blackjack variant which has gone live at Parx Casino in Pennsylvania.

ShaqJack is an electronic blackjack game, which pits players at a terminal that can be located anywhere within the casino, which then broadcasts a live dealer game to the terminals. O’Neal was brought on board to help brand the game, which features the 7 foot 1 inch star in a digital avatar, offering praise for players when they win, consolation for when they lose and also offers them insurance. Shaq lent his name to the game without requiring an upfront fee, instead opting to earn royalties based on the performance of the game.

The Parx Casino is offering 24 of the terminals at the casino, and is offering hands of blackjack starting at just $10, which is much more economical than the $25 minimum that the casino generally offers its customers.

Commenting on the appeal of ShaqJack gaming lawyer Lloyd D. Levenson said, “When you go into a successful casino in the evening, you can’t find a (blackjack) table for less than 25 bucks. (Operators are) missing out on a population that would like to gamble but can’t afford to spend $25 dollars a hand. With Shaqjack, the expense side for the casino is less, so they can afford to reduce the minimum bet.”


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