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Robotic Dealers a New Reality

It has always been an amazing fact that people always make discoveries and advancements to make our everyday lives easier. Household chores, office work and class assignments can now be done in a shorter time and with fewer mistakes because of machines and computers. In the recent Automate 2013 conference, a video was shown containing a robot that works as a blackjack dealer.

Blackjack has always been an all time favorite casino game, as there is simply something about chasing that magical number 21 with the hopes of beating out the dealer to earn a sizable payday. Everyone is used to seeing dealers that are either female or male, that interact with players. With the footage that showed a robot doing all of the tasks typically done by a dealer, many people will probably now think that they’ve seen it all.

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics is the company responsible for creating SDA10F. During the conference, they showed the video where SDA10F was working at the blackjack table, dealing hands with the aid of Cognex 2D. Cognex 2D is a vision guidance system that reads the playing cards and deals them accordingly.

People have a difference of opinion regarding the matter. Some say that robots will be the answer to casino issues where dealers are engaging in malicious activities while some say that they are not capable of totally hiding their reactions, which gives players an edge in the game. This can also be beneficial for casino owners since it will definitely cut overhead costs.

This is not on the final stage, however and not one casino has announced their interest in acquiring the robots just yet. This still wont stop people from thinking about what could happen in the near future. One can’t help but ask, will blackjack still be as exciting with robotic dealers?

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