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Hollywood Casino to Offer Blackjack

In Perryville, Maryland, blackjack, amongst other casino games will be available for the first time in one of the state’s exclusive professional gambling operations. This will mark the first time in the history of Maryland that blackjack and other table games will be offered legally in the state.

After a test run this past Tuesday, the casino has been given the go ahead by the director of the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency of Maryland.

Stephen L. Martino said that the casino is, “prepared to open table games to the public.”

This entire situation hasn’t come about without some resistance and challenging by a major gambling company, Penn National Gaming. Penn National Gaming owns a casino in a nearby state and, in an attempt to prevent any potential loss of business due to the emergence of a close-by casino, heavily lobbied against the expansion of gambling in the state of Maryland.

Despite its efforts, legislators approved the motions for the new casino, as this will likely generate enormous amounts of annual revenue for the state and its municipalities.

As this is the first time table games such as blackjack are available, many Maryland residents are excited to be able to enjoy their favorite games in their home state.

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