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Playboy Bunnies Are Taking Blackjack to London

Hugh Hefner will be taking blackjack to a new level when he combines the Playboy bunnies and blackjack games in his new casino and club in London. This casino will be an exclusive club for Londoners and will feature a host of exciting table games and parlor games including blackjack. Players can expect to be seated at tables with high limits and enjoy incredible entertainment.

This new Playboy club and casino will not be the first attempt that Hugh Hefner has made into London, as the city was once home to a Playboy club in the early 1960’s. However, despite the Playboy club being very popular, it was shut down in 1981 when the police made a sudden raid on the place.

The new casino is a collaborative effort between Playboy Entertainment and London Clubs International. The club will be located in Mayfair and will open next year with a strict entrance policy. The casino will be staffed almost entirely from its blackjack dealers to its bartenders by Playboy bunnies.

Hugh Hefner appears to be very excited at the prospect to taking his Playboy bunnies to London once again. “I look forward to our return to London and again sharing the notions that are celebrated in the magazine, the concept of good food and drink, pretty girls, and exciting entertainment,” he said.

Hefner also announced plans to open Playboy casino clubs in other regions like Cancun in Mexico, Miami in Florida and Macau in China.

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