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Blackjack Dealer Scams Casino and Gives Money to Losing Players

The Blackjack cheaters are at it again, except this time it was not a cheating blackjack player but a dealer at the table who decided to giveaway money to losers. This incident occurred at the Mystic Lake Casino and the blackjack dealer was arrested for giving away over $18,500 of the casino’s money to players he felt were worthy of it. When the casino noted what the blackjack player had done it called the police for assistance.

Jacob Edwin Christensen, a 24 year old blackjack dealer from of Nisswa, appears to have been trying to impress the ladies and maybe pay off his house rent by giving away blackjack money. He gave the money to his high school friend and some to a woman he thought was “good-looking” and wanted to impress. He also gave away money to his landlord’s daughter despite all of them never having won any hands at the blackjack table. It was noted that the dealer also did not take the players money from him when he had lost.

Jacob Edwin Christensen was arrested and then charged at the Scott County Attorney’s Office. Christensen now faces charges of two felonies, and is also wanted for gambling fraud and theft by swindling.

This blog entry was posted on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 at 6:57 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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