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New Player vs. Player Blackjack Game Called “vsJack” Launched

Blackjack players who are tired of the existing variants of online blackjack games should look at a new online blackjack game called vsJack that has been launched by This exciting new blackjack online game allows players to go up against other players instead of trying their luck against the dealer as with standard blackjack games.

The vsJack game introduces the element of competitiveness and players are sure to enjoy it. Those players interested in trying it out can head to the site and play it live. The game was first introduced as an alpha version – and was found to be a success after tests. As a result, it was released live on the site

This game changes the edge in blackjack games, as players now have to compete against other players instead of versus the house or bank. The new version of blackjack online has been compared to the game of poker and players will find it both challenging and interesting.

What’s more, since is a brand new site with a new game, it has decided to up the ante by providing its new players with a bonus of €20 free.

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