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New Mobile Blackjack App

Improved mobile blackjack gameplay will be available this 2013 courtesy of Betfred and Playtech. The two partnered up to come up with a better and more state of the art mobile Live Dealer Casino App.

Along with the enhanced version of blackjack are the virtual roulette and baccarat tables, which Betfred is expecting will attract more online players that rely on their mobile devices for recreational game play.

The constant development of technology through the efforts of developers and operators ensures that playing in online casinos with the use of mobile devices gives an equally exciting experience one can get from other online gambling platforms.

What was barring this development before was the hardware and bandwidth limitation but it is now slowly being eliminated and high quality live video feeds to our mobile devices will soon be available. 3G devices and much better smartphones as well as tablets are now used by an increasing number of people and is in large part the reason why the demand for improving gaming features is growing.

The COO of Playtech, Shay Segev said, “It gives us great pleasure to be working with Betfred on the exciting launch of their new offering, which uses our advanced mobile live gaming technology. The mobile platform has become utterly invaluable to every online gaming business, and we are proud to be leading the market in this arena with strong operators such as Betfred,”

This is really something online blackjack players can look forward to. A much more convenient way of playing the game anywhere they want to. Hopefully it is going to be available sooner than expected.

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