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Blackjack Now Available At The Maryland Live Casino

Bettors at Maryland Live Casino will once again have an opportunity to enjoy casino games after a long hiatus. After the casino closed last December 27 for expansion, gameplay game to a screeching halt in the Free State. Since it becoming operational, the Maryland Live Casino shown tremendous drawing power, raking in $1.1 million in revenue each day.
Fortunately for those blackjack enthusiasts in Maryland, they will once again be able to enjoy their chase for the magical number 21 on April 11. Opening bets will be available for the game at different stakes.
According to Rob Norton, the president who also stands in as the general manager of the property, “The addition of live-action table games completes the world-class gaming and entertainment experience we have created at Maryland Live Casino.”
Despite the additional 122 live action tables, poker will not be initially available. Bettors can enjoy blackjack, roulette, craps and other table games. Maryland voters approved the table games last November. The number of slot machines has now decreased to 4,332, from 4,750 to make way for these new table games.
Maryland Live, together with Anne Arundel Community College are working together, training 800 potential dealers at Glen Burnie inside the mall at Marley Station. Many are optimistic, as the casino decided to enlist many experienced dealers from other states to help in training the new wave of casino employees.

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