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New Blackjack Games for Devilfish Casino

Devilfish Casino has newly released “Double Exposure,” a unique and innovative variant of Blackjack, which allows players to view both dealer cards. In addition, Devilfish has also launched an opportunity for players to win six European Masters of Blackjack (EMOB) seats in the months of March, April, and May. The top EMOB player can walk home with €6000.

Since Double Exposure reveals both dealer cards, players can make better decisions with regard to hitting, staying, splitting, or doubling down, which greatly adds to the game’s intrigue and player knowledge and drastically changes its strategy.

Devilfish Partners will also launch a brand new series of banners for Double Exposure, along with an interview with professional Blackjack player Dave Devilfish Ulliott, who will offer rare tips on how to become excellent Blackjack players, and commission incentives.

Besides launching the new variant of Online Blackjack, Devilfish has also launched an exciting promotion regarding European Masters of Blackjack, which will be held in Bulgaria from July 28 – August 1. Six Blackjack players will participate in this lucrative event; and each player will win guaranteed cash prizes in the range of €500 for the player finishing in the sixth position and €6000 for the top player.

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