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Multi Touch Blackjack Table

At the Las Vegas Global Gaming Expo MOTO showed off a multi-touch blackjack table.  Players stand around the  multi-touch blackjack table and are dealt cards by a virtual blackjack dealer. Blackjack players make all their moves by clicking buttons on the table. They can look at their blackjack by shielding the cards with their hands and the table senses this and reveals the cards.

This is similar to the virtual texas hold-em games like Heads-Up Challenge. Excalibur in Las Vegas uses similar technology to run their texas hold-em card room though as I was watching the game the players seemed to interact less and it was more like playing online rather then at a casino.

Hooters in Las Vegas offers virtual single player blackjack games though the games are usually empty. Players tend to want to play live and have some form of interaction with the dealer and other players. I don’t think  this machine or any in the recent future will be able to replace dealers chips  and old fashion shuffling.

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