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Montana’s Blackjack Industry Will Soar if State Passes Two Laws

Blackjack gamers in the state of Montana are just waiting for two gaming laws to be passed by authorities to really get into gaming. Reports estimate that players will be spending a lot more money playing blackjack games, once these two bills get passed and change the state’s gaming legislature.

The bills in question involves House Bill 423 that was put on the table by Rep. Tony Belcourt; this bill aims to pass a law which allows live blackjack card games to be played legally. The second bill that could change the entire blackjack gaming industry is the Senate Bill 361 which will add a gaming machine to the state of Montana’s list of approved gaming devices. This may put video blackjack and live card blackjack game sin the clear and allow players to win money from them legally.

Casino owners and gambling establishment owners support these legal online gambling bills and are looking for laws that make the industry more competitive and successful.

“Everybody’s gambling online. Times like this, we’ve got to do something different,” stated Belcourt, speaking favour of brick and mortar blackjack establishments.

Belcourt also claimed that the proceeds from the casinos could easily boost the state’s income and perhaps finance several health programs.

This blog entry was posted on Friday, March 11th, 2011 at 11:18 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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