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Blackjack Players Have Screaming Match at High Stakes Blackjack Table

Three intoxicated blackjack players, who have been nicknamed the “Angry Stooges” by the workers of a Native American Casino close to Scottsdale in Arizona, got into an ugly fight at one of the high-stakes blackjack tables of the casino.

Although the casino management knew the trio well for their ugly tempers and bad manners, they tolerated them because of their contributions to the casino profits. In their recent brawl, however, the trio was more agitated than was acceptable. A croupier later said that the yelling captured his attention and he naturally thought that the casino was either being robbed or that someone was having a heart attack. He said that the casino security hustled the three into a private high roller room, where they could argue to their heart’s content without scaring the other customers.

Reportedly, Moe, one of the three, was angry because he hadn’t been lucky with a proposition bet worth $50,000. His friend Larry, on the other hand, was highly elated because an online casino had sent him $62,000, which he had left unclaimed a long time back. The third player nicknamed “Curly” was entertaining himself by pulling Moe’s legs about the bet he had lost. This soon developed into a screaming match, forcing the casino security to intervene.

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