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Microgaming Releases Android Blackjack Games for Mobile Casinos

Online gamers and mobile casino game players will be thrilled to know that they will now be able to access their favorite Microgaming blackjack games from their Android phones. The popular software provider recently announced the release of over 400 online casino games with the compatibly to run on the Android v2.2 as long as it is equipped with Adobe Flash 10.1.

Microgaming appears to be starting out the year 2011 with great promise as it released a package of online casino games that included mobile blackjack. The new Microgaming software will be used by over 117 international casinos and is expected to bring in a lot of revenue for all those concerned, see a list of Microgaming the casinos here.

Mike Hebden, Microgaming Android’s Head of Casino appears to be pleased with the development and said, “Android has more momentum than any other platform and is largely driving the increased sales of smartphones. A number of pad style devices will also soon be running Android v2.2.”

This new package launch has been engineered via the partnership between Microgaming and Spin3. However, according to Microgaming’s Hebden “this release for Android is complementary to our current relationship with Spin3.” It was also inferred that Spin3 may be releasing its own package of Android games any time soon.

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