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Four Casinos Heavily Fined in New Jersey

The casinos in New Jersey appear to be having a bad time with casino inspectors and are being heavily fined for having failed to meet the security standards required. So far, four prominent blackjack casinos in Atlantic City have been penalized by New Jersey authorities to the tune of $115,000. Three of the casinos were pulled up for permitting underage gaming, while the fourth was fined on account of a blackjack scam.

Tropicana Casino and Resort

The Tropicana Casino had to cough up a big fine because it did not manage its blackjack tables appropriately and failed to spot a blackjack dealer scam. The dealer had teamed up with a blackjack player and stole $21,500 over a course of 21 weeks. The casino was fined $40,000.

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino

The reputed Trump Plaza Casino was also subject to fines of $20,000 by New Jersey authorities for allowing a 19 year old to consume alcohol and play blackjack without checking his identification. The teenager ordered many drinks and even used a card counting system.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

Yet another Trump Casino was fined, when a 20 year old girl was found playing at the Trump Taj Mahal. The player was heavily intoxicated and had been at the blackjack tables for hours. The casino was fined $20,000.

Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort

This casino had to spill a $15,000 when a 20 year old was spotted at the blackjack tables. Fortunately for Atlantic City Hilton, this player was caught within 45 minutes.

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